Steeping beauty into daily life




We started in Anchorage in 2018 with handmade notebooks, and journals. Since then we’ve added different stationery and paper related products, everything designed to add some beauty into daily life.


We started in Anchorage in 2018 with handmade notebooks and journals. Since, then we've added different stationery and paper-related products, everything designed to steep some beauty into everyday life.

My name is Ferchu Waddoups, I am the graphic designer, Illustrator, bookbinder, and owner of "10 Cups of Tea." I love to build things, and disassemble them too! I was fascinated when I discovered the world of bookbinding as an assignment while in college. I fell in love with the tools, the papers, the textures, the long, detailed process, and the focus on elevating something as simple as paper into beautiful pieces of art. Since 2020, in 10 Cups of Tea, I am not the only illustrator, my daughter Katerina Waddoups, an illustrator student herself is part of 10 Cups of Tea. Her beautiful illustrations are in our everyday notebooks, covers, postcards, stickers, etc. 10 Cups of Tea is the result of my passion for stationery, design, patterns, and colors.

Although we make a lot of books and journals, our shop also creates illustrations. Our artwork is featured in our shop's items, from stickers to journals. Together, we've created many products we are proud of.